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Innovate – Offer an 360 ° ride in virtual reality *
* The Virtual Reality option is available on all KORELIZ DESIGN applications

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Virtual Reality and Advertising

Providing a virtual reality experience can be a beautiful communication operation. If young people are attracted by video games, we are all curious to see if virtual reality gives us a different vision than the classic 3D project. Communicate on your KORELIZ DESIGN vr and you will bring new customers.

Virtual Reality and Trade

We do not have enough perspective to give you figures on VR, however, KORELIZ DESIGN vr is a solution that uses the traditional 3D, and therefore offers a double overview of the configuration to the customer: 3D interactive classic or VR, for to be sure to satisfy them.

Virtual Reality and Design

KORELIZ DESIGN VR allows you to create any kind of interior room, to pass them in immersive reality. It can be useful for all indoor furniture traders (bathroom, kitchen, living room) and / or all vendors of decorative materials (all floor and wall materials).


This Virtual Reality version allows you to connect the application to 3D glasses for a totally innovative 360 ​​° 3D experience.