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How to realize the projects of your customers? Pro Bathroom Software 3D
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Bathroom project - immersion image and virtual showroom

15 minutes to convince

With our software, the 3D design your bathroom is realized intuitively in 3 stages:

  • Your plan
  • Your furniture
  • Your coverings / your decoration

In 15 minutes you realize all types of parts (see customer projects) with the decoration desired by your customers.

The visual accelerates the decision

Did you know that images are 7 times more powerful than words because they are immediately understood by the brain? Offering 3D to your customers will allow them to project themselves into their bathroom project, and the desire to buy will help them to sign their order. Our customers have an average conversion rate of + 32% with the 3D project.

3D bathroom configurator without training

Our 3D configurator is not intended solely for architects or engineers, it is designed to meet the needs of a trader or bathroom; After a few projects you will be fully honed to realize the bathroom projects of all your customers. If you have the slightest problem in the use of the solution, our support service is at your service 5j / 7.

Complete bathroom catalog

The ranges of bathroom are complex: many items are needed (furniture, sanitary, mirrors, radiators, decoration, taps, PMR …) and the coating modes change all the time (wood, tiles, effects, cement tiles, printed …)

Our catalog has been used for over 15 years by bathroom professionals and coatings. We work in generic for furniture and in free image insertion for coatings.

Generic Furniture and Free Images

A generic object hides many others: change the size, the color of your furniture, your bathtub, your plan to tiled … and create the object you want.

Directly import the latest trend tile cement or wall material that you have to use it in your 3d bathroom software.

You will never be caught off guard by the absence of an object when creating a project for a client.

Customer project adapted to the pros

Our solution 3D Bathroom Plan Design has been designed to meet the specific problems of the bathroom specialists: catalog furniture and suitable coating, floor and wall installation functions.

The bathroom design client project is complete: visuals and complete projects, installation plans, quantities, specifications …

You can use the project for sale but also for the installation plan (you or your partner)

Sale Images

“Images have a power of attraction 7 times stronger than words.”

In the 3D bathroom software KORELIZ you will have the possibility to leave as much image as you like by clicking on the camera.

Immersion experience

Better than the image the immersion experience in the room, with the virtual ballad allows to imagine the spaces, the ergonomics …

For the bathrooms senior or PMR it reassures on the circulation, for the design, one can imagine the different points of view.

Bathroom showroom

You can use virtual projects to speed up the purchase decision of your customers. Create projects, like virtual bathroom boxes, to show the new collections. Create typical projects: small bathroom, family bathroom, shower rooms … to highlight your know-how and guide the decisions of your customers. The commercial possibilities are endless.


Create your client's bathroom

To begin your bathroom design project, choose from the room shapes on which to create your room.

You can realize a bathroom but also a parental suite, a dressing overlooking the bathroom, according to your trade and the ranges that you sell.

You give the actual dimensions of each wall, and create the openings (doors, windows …) according to your needs.

Set the scene: furniture and sanitary

Once the 3D plan of the bathroom drawn, the software offers you to place your items: furniture and sanitary.

You can validate the feasibility of your plan by inserting the elements in real size, and control the circulation in the bathroom, the openings …

A catalog always up to date

The KORELIZ DESIGN bathroom software allows you to create your furniture in 3 clicks. Take an article, apply the dimensions, then the coating (s) of your choice, finally your article code and your prices to find them in your detailed estimate. Your catalog is always up to date.

Decorate floor and wall like a professional

By simply clicking on a wall, you go into elevation. You can freely place your tiles, your friezes, your painted walls ….

The installation of the tiles is optimized. You can duplicate the friezes, change the direction of installation in one click. Your project is taking shape before your eyes.

Propose a quantitative / professional bathroom quote

Once your project is finalized, you can release the quantitative.

Your bathroom project is complete: quantitatively illustrated the necessary furniture and sanitary, as well as the precise measurement of the different materials (tiles, parquet …) used for the project.

It is your ally for taking orders from your customers.

Have new 3D technologies

The bathroom software KORELIZ DESIGN is a full web technology, that is to say that your customer can see his 3D in real time, immerse himself in 360 ° in his project, which makes your service very playful and very attractive . In addition you can realize all the images that your customer wishes for the good realization of his building site.

The winning equation: a visual with a view from above to have a global vision, and a wide angle shot. Launch the 3D and admire the result!

Surtitre de ma tranche



Experienceconso 360 °

Your customers are more and more demanding, and it is difficult to surprise them. Put the odds on your side to seduce them and decide to sign with a scenario 3D and 360 °.


A seller customer record

Your client has validated the configuration of his project. In 1 click, you can output your client project summary.


Sublimated collectionsby the images

Enhance your collections by setting the atmosphere according to the latest trends: workshop windows, trendy materials, colors …

The Design Store solution

3D full web solution - 360 ° - 3D immersion in real time - Saas

Hardware: Works on any type of hardware / PC – tablet – Mac – Android / WebGL acceleration enabled graphics card

Browser: HTML5 Google Chrome or Firefox latest recommended version / Internet connection: 2 Mbps recommended

Your custom furniture

The great strength of the KORELIZ DESIGN catalog is its modularity. It includes + 10 000 tiles, and 1 + 000 furniture and sanitary fully editable to match all your products in stock.

Create projects that reflect your customers’ decor to make it easier to project and make decisions.

Set up your bathroom in expert mode

With the “expert” function of DESIGN store create all the most complex decorations of the coating.

Choose from the floor plan catalog, create your areas and put your tiles, your floor, your paintings like pros.

Create your decor with your tiles and coverings

Your cover collections are constantly changing: hard to follow! For simplicity, you can create your own collections in the bathroom planner software by simply copying and pasting photos from your manufacturer directly into your folder.

So you can realize all your projects, increase your sales, and stick permanently to the trend. You are never stuck.

You are free to evolve your content.

An easy-to-use 3D bathroom design software

The KORELIZ DESIGN software has been designed to be very quickly taken in hand by our customers showrooms and specialists. Projects are created step by step, following the buttons from left to right, logically.

The grip, offered during the purchase of the license, is enough to then embark on the creation. But for users wishing to quickly acquire complete control of software and all the tricks, training on time or package are offered.

A license available on several positions

Do you have a PC in the office and a laptop with which you visit customers? You can connect from all your posts and access your projects.

Of course you will not be able to have two simultaneous users on a single license, but you can combine mobility and practicality by working your projects in the office, and carrying them with you when necessary.

Customers reviews

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Référence Koreliz
Référence Koreliz
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