Enhance your collections

Offer an 3D Configurator to your customers to grow your sales Cement Tiles & Tiles Decor.
Multi-Device: Works on PC, Mac tablet, Android, Microsoft, all browsers.

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With Koreliz Karo


Seduce consumers

Simple and fun: Create a carpet to the size of your project, then create YOUR carpet by sliding the tiles decor in the grids. Play rotations, symmetries, asymmetries, to create the scene of your dreams. KORELIZ DESIGN karo is the ally of your sales in a niche with high added value are the cement tiles and tiles decorations.

Adapt the interface to your needs

The application KORELIZ DESIGN KARO can be used according to your needs on the web or in shop. The application remains the same.

What will change is the integration of your application if you want to put it in web and to an audience (pro or conso) or if you want to have the application in store for a user.

Help tool for sale and installation

The impact of a visual project to market the decor tiles is undeniable. The visual of the carpet allows the customers to project themselves and thus to decide on these products very visual. But the client project is also a tool for the people in charge of the project, who can for example follow a pose plan for a cooler rather than appealing to their sensitivity, which is not always the same as that client.


Adapted customer journey.

Your customer creates his carpet dimension, then arranges his tiles as he wishes (rotation, duplication).

Once the project is finished, he can archive his creation, request a quote or order online.