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Generate new leads

75% first research begins on the Web *

* Source CCM benchmark

New 2017

DESIGN WEB is THE configuration solution for your customers: let your customers prepare their project and submit it to you for quotation or realization.

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Meet the expectations of new customers with a accessible custom service 24h on 24h on the web

Turn these qualified contacts into orders with the POS module.

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A simplified 3D multi-device solution

New consumers love applications, and 3D interior designers are very popular. However for applications to be successful they must be simple. An overly complex solution defeats users and results in abandonment and loss of potential customers.

KORELIZ DESIGN web offers you a simple and multi-device interior configuration solution, to meet the expectations of your consumers: it works on all positions and allows anyone to do a project in less than 5mn.

A simple solution to integrate

The technique, the solutions must be at the service of your strategy and your ambitions. That's why KORELIZ DESIGN web is very easy to integrate: "a simple link in your web pages".

You do not need to have many IT resources, the basic operation of uploading takes less than an hour.

Advance, we develop for you.

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A customizable and already integrated route

We have designed KORELIZ DESIGN solutions for cross-channel design. We experienced the solution first in our labs and then for our clients.

We know that some of you have CRM tools, mailing, making appointments. But we also know that some do not have one. Also our solution KORELIZ DESIGN propose modules of reporting and putting in relation which makes it possible to start strategies of customer journey without nothing more than your website AND an email address.

A simple dashboard for optimized trading

You want to track your results, by store, by course, by period. You analyze your performance on the channels (web, store, web to store, store to web ....) or your overall conversion rate? KORELIZ DESIGN simplifies your work. Everything is already set to edit your main statistics in 1 click.

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Simplified parts configurator

To begin your chosen client's room shape or a free room. All types of parts are represented.

Interior design configurator: furniture and all-round upholstery

The collection and features offered in the web configurator are for the consumer. They are deliberately limited so as not to replace the work of salesmen in agencies, but large enough so that customers can make interesting project simulations.

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A professional client project in a personalized course

Once its finished project, the consumer will have according to your development of KORELIZ WEB, the possibility to print his project, to see the quantitative, to order or to make an appointment with an agency.

Follow your leads & stay in touch with your customers

Take advantage of auto-emails from agencies directly to the interface. At any time access your contacts, the state of the leads, to optimize your sales.

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Works on any type of material *

  • PC - tablet
  • Mac - Android
  • WebGL acceleration enabled graphics card


HTML5 Google Chrome or Firefox latest version recommended

Internet connection

2 Mbps advised

* DESIGN works on any type of material

However, the faster the material, the more fluid the use

Development of your configurator and put on line according to estimate


Fill out and send the form, receive by mail your login information

In accordance with the 78 law 17-6 of January 1978 2004 relating to the computing, the files and the freedoms modified in XNUMX (hereafter "law Informatique et Libertés") and the European Regulation on the protection of the personal data of the 27 April 2016, you have a right of access and you can obtain communication, rectification and / or deletion of personal information about you. Requests must be sent by post to the following address: Koreliz - 84bis, General Leclerc Avenue 78 220 Viroflay. "

DESIGN Web - 3D software for connecting consumers with the point of sale

Free try and without commitment 30 days

Immediate creation your login credentials to the software

Online application requiring an internet connection

Koreliz agrees:
not to use your data for advertising purposes.
not to give your data to any third party.
We remind you that you have the right to access and rectify information concerning you. If you wish to exercise this right and obtain information about yourself, please contact customer@koreliz.com

A scalable solution


Attract new customers

Generate leads

Send qualified contacts


Transform your sales

Facilitate the decision of the customers

Mount your average baskets


Enrich the consumer experience

Learn about your products

Develop your free service


Measure your performance

Optimize your 3D service

Analyze the best practices

Customized and cross channel

All our KORELIZ DESIGN solutions are scalable, customizable and can be connected to create the ideal shopping experience for your customers.

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