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3D Decorator Software for Trading Professionals

- Realize in 15 minutes the layout of your room (from floors to walls everything is possible)

- Turnkey client project (estimate, quantity, plan, photos ...)

- Accelerate decision making with the decoration your customers want (generic library)

- Generic catalog all universes complete and evolutive according to your needs

- Enhance your product collections in the interior design software

Projection and sales support - how to create a crush on your customers?

Create your floor and wall decorations

In 15 minutes you realize any type of room with original decorations. Use 1000 + library references, or import your own sets.

Put your decorations according to the laying plan, the shape you want: a wallpaper, a strip of cement tiles, a Hungarian parquet floor, everything is possible!

Objects for all amenities

Benefit from the all-universe generic catalog, it's the freedom to create all the furniture and fittings you need.

A generic object gives you the flexibility to adapt to all your creations: change the size, the color of your furniture, kitchen, bathroom, living room, terrace ... and create the object you want

I design my apartment

You want to create a complete apartment, it is perfectly feasible, interior, exterior thanks to the KORELIZ DESIGN Store decorator.

Start from the shape of your apartment and then create your room, room and decoration.

Easily test variants and get the corresponding quotes.

Professional and simple decoration configurator

KORELIZ DESIGN Store is an interior design software without the necessary training, designed to meet the needs of a decorator or a craftsman. In a few hours, you can take ownership of the decorator software.

The functions are intuitive and the support service KORELIZ is at your disposal 5 days on 7 to help you if you can not do what you want.

Technical and accessible laying plan

Although KORELIZ design is a simple configuration solution, full web, accessible on tablet, it is very professional.

You can simulate technical projects such as a marble bathroom or a Haussmanian lounge.

Simplicity does not mean amateurism: your decorator software calculates the quantities needed for each book on each of your projects. Find them in the quantitative illustrated.

Customer project adapted to the pros

For more than 15 years, KORELIZ accompanies the professionals of the decoration: installation, trade building, decorators. The decoration configurator has been designed to meet your specific needs: complete client project: visuals and projects, laying plans, quantitative illustrations, quotes ...

You can use the project for sale but also for the installation plan (you or your partner)

What is not conceivable can not be bought

« Images have a power of attraction 7 times stronger than words ».

Offering 3D to your customers allows them to project themselves in their project, shorten their decision time and triggers the crush to sign their order. Our customers have an average conversion rate of + 32% with the 3D decoration configurator.

Immersion experience

Better than the image, the experience of immersion in the room, with the virtual ballad allows to imagine spaces, ergonomics ...

This is the 3D in the 3D, a kind of video that will surely create the crush of your most skeptical customers.

Amaze the gallery 3D

You can use virtual projects to speed up the purchase decision of your customers. Create project galleries, to show your know-how, trend boards, showcase collections.

You can use these images outside the framework of the decorator, to put pictures on networks, make trends ... and develop your business.

New - 3D Experience at 360 °

Stroll through an 3D project made from KORELIZ Design in 15 minutes


3 selling ideas with the 3D


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Sell ​​your real estate

You are in real estate. Your customers have trouble projecting themselves into a new property or property to renovate. In 15 minutes prepare them 3D images and a visit 360 ° and they are conquered! Works on tablet and PC

av3-logiceram-icon-configurator-3D-design-pattern layout modulation Sell ​​your decoration projects

You are a decorator, your boards of tendencies are beautiful, but your client has trouble projecting himself, because it is not at home. Show him his decoration in his room. Raise doubts, and sign your interventions.

Koreliz-design-3d sales
configuration-3d Apartment

Sell ​​your renovation services

You are a professional building or trading any state body. You have many renovation contracts, but difficult to sign a quote without visual. Bring detailed, pictorial and encrypted projects, and sign.


Create all your parts

Take a look at the dimensions of the room to create it, or take inspiration from project templates and resize to your needs.

Create your decoration ...

Once the plan drawn, the decorator software offers you to place your furniture in the catalog of objects 3D classified by room: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, various decor ...

Many objects arrive in neutral (white) you can decorate them later.


Decorate the floors and walls according to your needs

You can decorate with all types of materials - tiling, parquet, carpet, paint, wallpaper ... If you want to go fast, stay in "Simple" mode, if you want to offer complex decorations, switch to "Expert" mode.

Expert mode for building professionals

KORELIZ DESIGN software is not just 3D rendering software for your customers. Made with installation professionals, this software gives you a summary of the layout plan wall by wall, to help you in the execution of the construction site. Switch to expert mode for additional functions


The summary of the project and quantitif

Once your projects are finalized, you can release a project summary as well as a quantitative illustrated. It will consist of two parts: the summary of the necessary furniture and sanitary facilities, as well as the precise measurement of the different materials (tiles, parquet ...) used for the project.

This can be useful in the encryption of your projects for the client.

The 3D and the ride at 360 °

The sale is done by the image. With the 3D KORELIZ DESIGN Decorator, you have a dual customer experience that will make a difference.

The ride at 360 ° allows you to immerse yourself in your client's plan and "visit" the room or apartment.

At any time you can take the photos that interest you to complete a file that will sign your client.


3D full web solution - 360 ° - 3D immersion in real time - Saas

Hardware: Works on any type of hardware / PC - tablet - Mac - Android / WebGL acceleration enabled graphics card

Browser: HTML5 Google Chrome or Firefox latest recommended version / Internet connection: 2 Mbps recommended

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Transport your projects to your customers with Saas

Do you have a PC in the office and a laptop with which you visit customers? You can connect from all your posts and access your projects.

Of course you will not be able to have two simultaneous users on a single license, but you can combine mobility and practicality by working your projects in the office, and carrying them with you when necessary.

Create your decor with your tiles and coverings

Your coating collections are constantly changing: hard to follow! For simplicity, you can create your own collections in the interior design software by simply copying and pasting photos from your manufacturer directly into your folder.

So you can realize all your projects, increase your sales, and stick permanently to the trend. You are never stuck.

You are free to evolve your content.

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Your custom furniture

The great strength of the KORELIZ DESIGN catalog is its modularity. It includes + 10 000 tiles, and 1 + 000 furniture and sanitary fully editable to match all your products in stock.

Create projects that reflect your customers' decor to make it easier to project and make decisions.

Easy to use software, almost without training

The KORELIZ DESIGN decorator software has been designed to be very quickly taken care of by our customers, showrooms and specialists. Projects are created step by step, following the buttons from left to right, logically.

The grip, offered during the purchase of the license, is enough to then embark on the creation. But for users wishing to quickly acquire complete control of software and all the tricks, training on time or package are offered.

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DESIGN Store - Professional 3D Software Decoration

  • 3D Consumer Experience in 360 ° Immersion
  • Creation of all types of pieces in 10 minutes
  • Professional and attractive customer projects

Free try and without commitment 30 days

Immediate creation your login credentials to the software

Online application requiring an internet connection

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Live the 360 ° experience

Create an 3D project for your customers with Koreliz Design

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Attract new customers

Generate leads

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Transform your sales

Facilitate the decision of the customers

Mount your average baskets


Enrich the consumer experience

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Customized and cross channel

All our KORELIZ DESIGN solutions are scalable, customizable and can be connected to create the ideal shopping experience for your customers.

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