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Picto Koreliz

Professional 3D Configurator

Your tool 3D pro: easily realize the projects of your customers – bathrooms, kitchens, lounges … – your complete projects: ballad 3D to 360 °, design, elevations, quantitative

Add the sanitary elements of the room

Create layout plans for walls and floors

Take out realistic 3D views of your bathrooms, and simply detailed projects and win new projects!

Picto Koreliz

Quote 1 quote quote software

You are a craftsman, a building company, you realize a part of your building sites with the help of PDF plan.

You are looking for a metering solution, simple and practical, which can be used to issue quotations.

Save time: with HIGHLIGHT make an 3 1- tracking plan, metered, quote in 1clic!

Picto Koreliz

Advanced metric software

You make measurements several hours a week, on plans that can be complex (multi-level, layers by types of works).

With LOGIKUTCH, download your PDF plans, enter a scale for the scale, then create an advanced piece by piece tracking plan with its detailed caption. Take out your measurements in Excel or PDF simply.

Easily make all your measurements, simple or more technical, and win bids!