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In collaboration with the marketing manager, the community manager will implement the new editorial strategy. Community management will focus on B to B and the networks and associated actions very specific. The stakes will be "measured and measurable": create a community of target customers / prospects - and generate actions (white paper download, newsletter subscription ...) suitable for commercial actions (automation)
• Participation in the implementation of the netvibes dashbord - editorial planning - customer / prospect e-mailing strategy - implementation of measurement elements (online, offline, netvibes-analytics-emailing-CRM)
• KORELIZ Blog: content increase & SEO
• LINKEDIN / TWITTER: creation of the company page, group on "3D & cross channel" - increase the number of VIPs belonging to the group
• WHITE PAPER: dissemination strategy and lead collection
Not exhaustive

Required profile

The community manager will have to understand the B to B imperatives, understand the omni-channel vocabulary, because he will have to address e-marketing directors and digital managers. Graphic sensitivity, good writing skills and the ability to produce diagrams would be a plus.
Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dashboard (Vibe), SEO (write for the web)
A general knowledge of the web (wordpress, google analytics, SEO and emailing) would be a plus.

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Hello, the company is closed from 3 August to 17 August included. Your requests will be processed from the 20 August. Thank you

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