3D Pro Bathroom Layout Software

– Make any type of pieces in 15 minutes (laying plan, work by zone, choice of dimensions) – Turnkey client project (estimate, quantity, plan, photos …) – Accelerate decision making with the decoration your customers want (generic library) – Complete and scalable generic coating catalog according to your needs (tiling, parquet, PVC flooring, concrete, carpet, paving, siding.) – Enhance your product collections in the software

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3D Tile-Calepinage-Coating How to realize all the projects of your customers?
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Tile and Coating Software - Your Sales and Construction Tool
Improve your sales techniques and projects

Simplified configuration

The conception of your projects is realized intuitively in 4 stages:

  • Your plan
  • Your soil
  • Your walls
  • Your furniture

In 15 minutes you realize all types of parts (see customer projects) with the decoration desired by your customers

Professional Layout Tool

Tiling is a coating requiring a very precise laying plan

  • Discover all the proposed laying plans
  • Work by zone
  • Choose even the width and the color of the seal

You will immediately see the results of your project in 3D, and get complete projects: 3D, laying plans, quantitative, see quote.

Your own tiling and cladding collections

Directly import the latest cement tile or material wall pattern that you have for use in your 3d bathroom software.

You can simply realize all your projects from your own tiles or coverings.

For furniture, adapt it to your client’s style by creating the desired size and texture.

Easy to learn solution

Our tiler software is not intended for architects or engineers, it is designed to meet the needs of a user trader or craftsman. The tile solution was developed over 15 years ago in collaboration with the tiling artisans of CAPEB. However, it is today used by both craftsmen and traders.

Attractive and professional projects

Our 3D bathroom configuration simulation solution has been designed to meet the specific needs of floor and wall cladding specialists and more specifically tiling specialists.

The client project is complete: visuals and complete projects, laying plans, quantitative, quotes …

You can use the project for sale but also for the installation plan (you or your partner).

Simplify your projects

Validating an 3D project before starting the construction site is a great help for the construction process. You have validated the location of the pose areas, the material, the height. Your project document is used by your teams for the construction site, and you are not stopped while waiting for the client’s opinion on the realization.

Sales support solution

« Images have a power of attraction 7 times stronger than words .

Offering 3D to your customers will allow them to project themselves in their project, shorten their decision time and will trigger the crush to sign their order. Our customers have an average conversion rate of + 32% with the 3D project.

3D nomad sales tool

Your KORELIZ DESIGN configuration solution is a Saas, Full web solution; Take your projects with you on a laptop or tablet, presenting your projects to your client’s home, you will have even more chances to sign!

Multiply your sales techniques

You can use virtual projects to speed up the purchase decision of your customers. Create standard projects to highlight your production know-how and / or your collections. Enhance your projects and guide the decisions of your customers. The commercial possibilities are endless.


Your bathroom: create any type of room

To start your project, choose from the room sizes proposed for your bathroom where you create your room.

You can then enter the actual dimensions of each wall, and create the openings (doors, windows …)

Go up to build each wall

By simply clicking on a wall, you go into elevation. You can freely place your tiles, your friezes, your painted walls …. The installation of the tiles for your bathroom is optimized.

You can duplicate the friezes, change the direction of installation in one click. You see the project taking shape step by step.

You have a precise layout plan

KORELIZ DESIGN Bathroom Tiling Software is not just 3D rendering software for your customers. Made with installation professionals, this simulation software gives you a summary of the layout plan wall by wall, to help you in the execution of the construction site.

The height of the furniture and friezes is detailed to allow a perfect execution of the building site.

You have the quantity / estimate of the bathroom

Once your bathroom plan is finalized, you can take out the quantity. It will consist of two parts: the summary of the necessary furniture and sanitary facilities, as well as the precise measurement of the different materials (tiles, parquet …) used for the project.

Very useful for your orders, you can also adapt it as an estimate for your client.

You have a realistic seller rendering

The sale is done by the image. With the KORELIZ DESIGN bathroom software you have visuals that will make a difference to your customers. Walk around the room easily and find the ideal view.

The winning equation: a visual with a view from above to have a global vision, and a wide angle shot. Launch the 3D and admire the result!

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  • 3D Consumer Experience in 360 ° Immersion
  • Complete client project: images, diagrams, quantitative
  • Transformation of + 32% sales recorded by our customer customers

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