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  • Realize and modify your designs instantly

      Open the plans of the architects, calculate your surfaces immediately.

      In one operation, lay out all the surfaces of your plan. Align precisely your notebook.

  • Encrypt your plans with manufacturers catalogs

      Access the databases of the leading manufacturers of ceilings and false ceilings, to create all the projects corresponding to your needs.

      See the list of manufacturers presented in the software.

  • Meet the requirements of the principals and win projects

      Make it easier for you to respond to calls for tenders (layout plans, gluing plan, identification and execution plans …) of your plasterboard, ceilings, false ceilings and any other work.

      With the software KORELIZ OFFFICE (formerly LOGItram) quickly provide plans to standards in a few clicks (respect of the ribs, profiles and sections, assemblies, fasteners, etc …)

  • Control your fall rates and improve your profitability

      When creating your plans, the software offers an optimization of the cuts, playing on the shapes (ceiling, false ceiling, plasterboard, BA13 …).

      You orient and position your designs in a few clicks, the calculation of the drop rates is done in real life.

  • Simplify work sites and team work

      Once your file is signed, the work done for the quote will serve you for the execution.

      Your teams have easy-to-follow installation plans, which saves time and avoids mistakes.

  • Work directly on architect's plans

      You can directly open all types of plans (PDF, DWG …) to create your projects ceilings in a few clicks.

      Work according to your habits: on your PC or on your table to digitize.

  • Quickly access your quantities and quotes

      Once your plans are finalized, one click gives you access to all your documents. Take out your orders, your disbursements, your workshop fees and a quote for your clients.

      You can quickly check the profitability of your projects.


  • Work on all plans

      Create your plans or open the provided plans regardless of their format AutoCAD (DXF, DWG) or image (jpeg, bmp or PDF)

  • Be free of your technical choices

      Determine the types of ceilings, ducts and other structures based on the CCTP or your client estimate. You choose in a few clicks the manufacturer, the range, the colors, etc …

  • Calepine in 1 click

      Apply the book all over the plane, or areas. Align precisely your notebook and calculate your falls.

  • Take out your file

      Print your project with your logo and with the information requested by the customer: plan, estimate. But also disbursed, cutting plans …

  • Print folder

      Highlight your project by personalizing it. Respect the elements requested in the CCTP or compose boards to scale integrating your plans, specifications and company details.

      Complete your file with 3D views or custom technical drawings.

  • Calculation and editions

      Use our templates to customize your rates, material lists, purchase orders, disbursements.

      We can integrate your customized Excel editions, by study on our part, contact us.


PC configuration

Windows 7 or + (32 / 64 bit)
Core processor I5 or I7 3Ghz
4 Go Ram - 6 / 8 Go Recommended
Uses 3 Go from DD
OpenGL 256 MB graphics card - Nvidia recommended
1280 x 960 resolution

Comprehensive software requiring adapted training

Choose the most appropriate training formula:

For beginners: 2 curriculum days of training
For intermediates: training 5 hours online
Interested? Request a demo of the software or contact us.

We will quickly agree on a date to evaluate your needs and offer you a live demonstration of our software.
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Référence Koreliz
Référence Koreliz