Need / Use



Software habit

The use of HIGHLIGHTER is very simple and very intuitive, especially for simple measurements. The method is the same as manual reading.

LOGIKutch is used like CAD software (menus, shortcuts) which is easier for some users

Type of use

HIGHLIGHTER is an online software, accessible by internet from any PC.

LOGIkutch is a software installed on your PC.


Import plans

Jpeg, PDF, Scan

Jpeg, PDF, Scan

Calculate quantities, linear, single surfaces

All quantities available in PDF, Excel Export

All quantities available in PDF, Excel Export

Make complex measurements (roofs, coatings)


Very detailed software for making measurements with slopes. The number of colors and types of marking is more important than the SURLord.



HIGHLIGHTER makes it possible to personalize its quotations and to release editions including the quantified quantities by structure, with the addition of complementary lines of labor …


Material disbursements

HIGHLIGHTER is linked to a database of fairly developed books, available on an excel file that can be easily enriched. Disbursements are published in an Excel file

LOGIkutch can create disbursements by room or by batch. New extensions are available every month.

Our rates

499,00 € HT
+ annual fees of 65,00 € HT
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499,00 € HT
+ annual fees of 75,00 € HT
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