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  • Work your plan directly on your computer

      Open all types of plans, PDF or image (jpeg, PNG …). Realize your scouting plans easily by determining the scale, then choosing the desired surfaces or peripheries for each structure. Export the collected data to Microsoft Excel, a quote software or the program of your choice.

  • Your detailed accurate and fast measurements

      The selected books are easy to position on the map. Each book associated with a form is immediately postponed with its legend in the registration plan. The dimensions of each segment are reported directly on the locating plane. With the LOGIKUTCH pdf-based measurement software, take surveys and professional tracking plans in minutes without training.

  • All types of measurements: from conventional surface to slope calculation

      LOGIKUTCH is the pdf measurement software of all the professionals of the building : specialists in any state body, builders, design office … All shapes, slopes and the most complex cuts of roofs are made in a few clicks. Finally, a calculation software for the construction of the building with complex results easy to use.

  • Do not stay stuck! At each step LOGIKUTCH guides you with online help

      Whatever the stage of your survey or your survey plan, the LOGIKUTCH surveyor software guides you. It informs you of the steps you have forgotten. If you’re blocking an operation, it’s easy: check out the online help. All of the common questions users have been listed, and the solutions described with simplicity.

  • Reorganize measurements and plans by batch, by parts ... according to your needs

      You make your batch batch, or piece by piece, by matching a material. All the architecture of your different operations is accessible on the left menu. You can work the layers, or rearrange the presentation of the works, as you wish to exit the tracking plan and reports, following the expectations of your customers or service providers.

  • Tracking plans and detailed legends = easy-to-follow projects

      Each area of ​​the tracking plane is identified, listed in the legend and each measure of the area is detailed. You can also add notes for the site, but also counters to identify and count the recurring items (doors, windows, plumbing elements on collective housing …). An annotated registration plan, a complete file associated, and a detailed legend are all elements to facilitate the site.

  • Your measurements both in metric and in English (imperial) system

      If you trade internationally you can convert your plans, your scale to 1 click. Do you have international projects? LOGIKUTCH is the metric software you need. It will facilitate you the eternal games of conversions.


  • Work on your PDF or Jpeg plans

      Open the provided shots regardless of their picture format (jpeg or PDF).

  • Breathe your surfaces

      The LOGIKUTCH measuring software calculates all your surfaces (floor coverings, external coverings, concrete pavement, roofing …). You just have to click on the outline of your piece to measure to obtain a perimeter and a surface. You can subtract surfaces just as easily. This metering software offers advanced functions that allow you to calculate all the slopes of your roof …

  • Hone your lengths

      Use the perimeter tool to measure each of your pieces. Each segment is listed, and you have measurements of all the walls of all your pieces. You can save them to duplicate them.

  • Bring your facades

      Measure your facade surfaces very quickly with the help of the deduction tool. Very practical to use to deduce windows, doors … for facades for example. The final result will be displayed in the report.

  • Measure your roofs in order to plan

      Quickly calculate roof surfaces, edge lengths, and eaves using the built-in slope converter. All surfaces are taken into account from a single drawing according to the necessary slopes. The results are exploitable on Excel and the tracking plans are very explicit.

  • Measure your roofs for elevation

      Gone are the galleys of slope calculations. Take elevation views of the roofs, and use our built-in slope converter. By entering the degree of each slope and selecting the surface of the roof on the plan, you will easily calculate your surfaces. Thanks to the LOGIKUTCH measuring software, you get accurate results from your roof surfaces.

      Complete your file with 3D views or custom technical drawings.

  • Display your angles and roof slopes

      Measure an angle or find a roof slope in three clicks with the Angle tool. Display the angle in the format of your choice, either in degrees or in x / 12 format.

  • Make the job easier with the Meter Tool

      The counter tool allows you to put markers and count certain elements on your plans (door, window …). Create your element in the counter tool, and return it as many times as necessary. You will see the location of each element, and will have the number of total elements in the plane.

  • Notes tool - make reading jobs easier

      Leave as many notes as you need on your plans: for the construction, the installation … You have a modification that does not appear on the map but that you want to indicate? Leave a note. Leave as much as necessary on your plans: for the construction, the pose … They move, disappear, print directly on the plan if you wish.


Works on PC

Software requiring few resources
Works with current PCs.
Can run on Mac only with windows emulator

Simple software without training

Intuitive software with direct online help

Follow the steps:
- Import your plan
- Take a ladder
- Get started in simple and advanced metrics ...
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by Thierry Laurent on Koreliz

I use the LOGIKUTCH software to prepare my bidding documents for house lots, or office buildings. This simple and very precise solution allows me to encrypt all my works by batch, according to my needs. I gained efficiency and suddenly I think I signed some more business this year, but what I do not figure is the time earned on my personal life ...

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Référence Koreliz
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