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Quantity + Tracking plan + 2 encryption times faster

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Your 2 times faster

Save time and business. According to a study of the construction industry, 70% of accepted quotes are those which were presented first. Be the most reactive.

Thanks to the SURLigner, work directly on your plan and create in 1 only manipulation your tracking plans, metered, quantitative, estimate.

Your quotes, quotes, quantitative 1 click

No need to master IT: you apply the same technique on your "virtual" desktop. Start with your scouting plans by "stabilizing" your areas (a color = a book).

Once your finished works, 1 only click allows you to obtain your measurements, but also your estimates and quantitative ... Your calculations are sure, and faster.

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Work directly on your computer

You receive more and more digital documents. Process them directly on the highlighter, your new "virtual" desktop. The documents can be shared via the internet as a PDF or Excel file.

No need to print systematically or to run after the documents, all your files are accessible at any time, by all the interlocutors concerned: customers, service providers, collaborators ...

No more problems of scale whatever the plan

Download any plan: you only need one measure to determine its scale. No more recalculating, wasting time!

No need to invest in an expensive digital tablet. In addition, your file is saved with each change and you never lose your work. Everything is archived by project, easily searchable and editable.

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Your projects files or tender very qualitative

Give yourself the best chance of getting your job sites by quality documents. The quality of the description, the precision of the quantities, the clarity of the tracking plan are particularly appreciated by your customers.

In just a few minutes, you can present high quality documents accompanied by a professional technical description. Discover the metrics software that helps you win contracts.

Your job sites are easy to follow

Your quotes and plans evolve; each time your file is updated. On the spot your teams can work with as much version of tracking plans as necessary.

A plan is missing, you send it in the second by email. No more mistakes, and unnecessary wasted time ... Your plans are clean, your legends clear, which makes the job site more enjoyable to follow.

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Your books, prices and quantities easily customizable for more flexibility

The books and quantities are presented as a simple Excel file. Modify them to put your own books, prices and quantities, so you can customize your documents.

Once your books are up to date, all your projects will be even faster.

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Work directly on your scouting plans

Import plans PDF, jpeg, scan. Work directly on your plans without problems of paper or scale.

A work = a color taken from the locating plan, the legend, the quantity, the quantity.

Easy registration with highlighters

Color your plans as before with our digital stabilos.

4 types of marking possible symbolized by stabilos: full and dotted line for linear, rectangle for surfaces, round for specific (water, electricity, pipes ...), 12 colors in full, and 3 colors for deductions: 60 combinations possible locations.

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Measurable quantities and quantities

You can export your measurements by batch or by type of works, in PDF or Excel format.

To deduce from the surfaces, two possible solutions: use the negative stabilo when marking, or deduce the surfaces directly on Excel. Ditto for the quantitative.

No more problems of scale whatever the plan

Download any plan: you only need one measure to determine its scale. No more recalculating, wasting time!

No need to invest in an expensive digital tablet. In addition, your file is saved with each change and you never lose your work. Everything is archived by project, easily searchable and editable.

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Save, exchange, print all your documents

All the necessary documents are recorded for each project (Tracking plan, legend, metrics in Excel or PDF, quantitative in Excel or PDF, estimate in PDF ...).

Each project is archived and easily accessible and modifiable.

Go further: Work by batch or by geographical area

Using layers, create models of books by batch or geographic area. Work on your different plans (single or multi-story) on the same project.

Answer the calls for tenders according to the organization requested (by room, zone, type of works).

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Works on any type of material *

PC - tablet
Mac - Android
WebGL acceleration enabled graphics card

HTML5 Google Chrome or Firefox latest version recommended

Internet connection

2 Mbps advised

Trial form 14 days

Fill out and send the form, receive by mail your login information

In accordance with the 78 law 17-6 of January 1978 2004 relating to the computing, the files and the freedoms modified in XNUMX (hereafter "law Informatique et Libertés") and the European Regulation on the protection of the personal data of the 27 April 2016, you have a right of access and you can obtain communication, rectification and / or deletion of personal information about you. Requests must be sent by post to the following address: Koreliz - 84bis, General Leclerc Avenue 78 220 Viroflay. "

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Free trial and no commitment 14 days

Immediate creation of your online software login credentials

* In order to process your request effectively, we thank you for correctly entering your data. In case of seizure of false information we suspend access to the solution.

This trial version requires a permanent Internet connection to work.

The advantages of a metric software.

During the customer study conducted in 2014, the advantages put forward by the users of the metering software were:

  • Easy to use software: same technique as traditional.
  • Speed ​​of measurement: according to the complexity - 20 to 40% time saving with the software.
  • Precision: the quantities are precise, as well as with the HIGHLIGHTER, and with the possibility to leave a metric and to return without worry.

Good practices of our customers.

The metric allows to obtain a quick estimate, and thus to present the quotes earlier.

But it is then used for execution.

At first customers start with basic metrics, taking or not the labels and databases contained in the software.

Subsequently, customers customize their tool:

  • Configuration of the quote: customization with the coordinates and logos of the company
  • Parameterization of the works: they record their favorite stabilos with their own works. Thus the plasterer will always have the Hydro plate in its blue stabilo. The measurements are facilitated but also the work of the installation teams, who use the tracking plan to carry out the works.

Optimize your work methods.

Depending on your job, the type of work you do, you may need to use the software differently.

ex 1 : you are in the specialty (plaquiste, painter, tiler ...), you work rather with individuals. It is in your interest to work on the stabilos, and the classic works that you have to do. In this way you optimize your metering and execution time.

ex 2 : you are a house builder, or renovation any body of state. Do you have a lot of operations to do? Go further by creating books by batch (Lot painting, Lot masonry, Lot plaquiste ...)

By cutting out the work, you will gain on 2 tables:

  1. The quote you come out is clearer, batch by batch, easily understandable for your client
  2. During the execution of the building site, you will be able to launch an impression of the plan by zone - the work of the painter, that of the plasterer, the plumber ...
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