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Modulate - Visualize - Encrypt

With the Partition Software easily modulate all your office layouts

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List of the main partition databases



Work directly with the database of the manufacturer of your choice

KORELIZ OFFICE (formerly LOGItram) has the most complete database of removable partitions on the market. 90% of manufacturers are represented.

You can choose your supplier, define your partitions and create all the desired tertiary facilities. See the list of partition manufacturers.

Save time: automatically create your locations

Upload directly your architectural plans (PDF, DWG ...).

Choose the modules you want and you can manage your projects in a few clicks.

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Get contracts with beautiful desktop visuals

A beautiful picture is better than long speeches. Thanks to KORELIZ OFFICE (former LOGItram) you can release 3D visuals of offices that make the difference.

Introduce your customers to a variety of layouts, take out basics and help them plan with you in their future offices and with the associated budget ...

Have a few clicks of your quantities and quotes

Go from plan to quantity in one click. All the documents of your project are linked: you take directly a quantity for your orders, a disbursed by the profitability of the building site, a debit workshop and a quote for your customers.

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Optimize your cuts and your supplies

KORELIZ OFFICE (formerly LOGItram) is an intelligent software: it takes into account the technical constraints and offers you an optimized calculation of bar and panel cuts.

Thanks to the software, you save a lot of money on materials and pre-load.

Plan taking

You can create your plans from tools that are suitable for staking walls, openings, dimensions, surfaces, or working from AutoCAD (DXF, DWG) or image (jpeg, bmp or PDF) files.

Grant-step4-icon-configurator-3D-design-pattern layout modulation

Technical choices

Determine the choices of items and their finishes according to the CCTP.

You choose in a few clicks the range, the colors, the coatings, the windows, etc ...

Link your databases to your project

To realize your project, you benefit from an extremely developed partition database.

We collaborate with more than 90% of movable partition manufacturers on the French market.

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Automatic modulation

Automatically frame your partitions. Easily modify each of these directly in elevation by affecting the frame, modules and dimensions.

Print folder

Print a folder highlighting your project. Compose boards to scale integrating plans, elevations and your own cartridge.

Complete your file with 3 D views or customized technical drawings.

func-5-mod-icon-configurator-3D-design-pattern layout modulation
func-6-mod-icon-configurator-3D-design-pattern layout modulation

3D visualization

Visualize your project in 3D. Enter virtual reality and choose your angles of view.

Try different variations on panel coverings and profile finishes.
Integrate elements of decoration, characters, light to energize your projects.

Calculation and editions

Quantify and accurately encrypt your project. As a standard, you have spreadsheets adapted for flow rates, parts lists, quantities and specifications.

You can customize your editions and edit them in Excel. We can integrate your own Excel editions, subject to a study on our part, contact us.

func-7-mod-icon-configurator-3D-design-pattern layout modulation

PC configuration

  • Windows 7 or + (32 / 64 bit)
  • Core processor I5 or I7 3Ghz
  • 4 Go Ram - 6 / 8 Go Recommended
  • Uses 3 Go from DD
  • OpenGL 256 MB graphics card - Nvidia recommended
  • 1280 x 960 resolution

Comprehensive software requiring adapted training

Choose the most appropriate training formula:

  • For beginners: 2 curriculum days of training
  • For intermediates: training 5 hours online

Custom Partition Configurator for Manufacturers

KORELIZ OFFICE has a database creation, and custom web solutions. Thanks to our teams, you can create your own database on our configurator and customize your interface to your logo for you and your customers.

If you are studying this type of project, contact us.

Application Complete Manufacturer

Your complete and personalized version (logo, database) allows you to carry out the most complex projects.

You create files with precise calculations (quantitative, disbursed, cut-outs), but also detailed elements: Elevations, Realistic renderings ...

Simplified Distributor Application

Your online application or PC is a loyalty tool for your distributors. With this service, they realize in an easy and fun way their projects with your materials.

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