Innovative and fun configurators
to facilitate purchasing decisions.

Innovative and fun configurators for facilitate purchasing decisions
Increase your business by valuing your products
Improve your sales helping the client to project himself

Measured on PDF plan

Easily modulate all your office layouts. Your stamps 10 times faster

Interior design

Easily modulate all your office layouts. Your stamps 10 times faster

Tertiary development

Easily modulate all your office layouts. Your stamps 10 times faster

For who Benefits

For whom, for what uses?

Our multichannel software solutions are available in a range adapted from the craft company to the big company.

Versions facilitating the purchase decision ready to use for sectors:

  • Sale and / or installation of bathroom,
  • Sale and / or laying of flooring and walls,
  • Sale and / or realization of decoration project,
  • Design, sale and installation of tertiary project.

Our configurators are customizable and can be customized for other activities.

Our 3D configurator software solution allows you to realize all projects specific to the activity of your customers from our catalogs corresponding to 90% of current market needs.

You then access a professional tool 3D configuration, easy to use and adaptable to the reality of your suppliers (integration of furniture, objects, textures of manufacturers).

For what benefits?

By choosing KORELIZ, you offer new services to your customers (3D design, installation plans, complete client project, illustrated quantitative …) and multiply your chances of developing your sales.

You increase your conversion rate by the 3D

  • A conversion rate of more than 30% higher with an 3D quote, compared to a “hard copy” quote
  • A differentiation from your competitors
  • The development of a new private clientele.

You mount the average customer basket

  • The virtual walk to 360 ° and a professional client project that makes you want to buy
  • The enhancement of client projects which are then reassured (detailed and detailed professional project)

You value your exhibition items and in stock

  • A realistic projection of your articles
  • A precise and professional laying plan and quantity
  • Highlighting your products in stock
  • A possible interface with your management system

Choosing a KORELIZ solution means opting for a customizable and scalable solution. At any time you can add options, customize, interface with our cross channel solutions or your management systems. Your solution fits you.


Specialist in project solutions for more than 25 years in the fields of interior design or office layout, our job is to offer you simple and effective solutions to enhance, sell, quantify your projects or your works.