Customer Service

Koreliz is the expert of your profession. Our teams are composed of people on the ground, knowing perfectly your constraints, your job, your expectations.

The customer service is at your disposal to ensure the best possible use of software according to your needs.

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During the purchase

You hesitate between several software, you have an idea of ​​your needs, but are not sure of your choice. We present and lend you our software.

Our business experts are there to reformulate your expectations, offer you the most appropriate software and even give you the business tips to work more efficiently.

When taking control of the software

We do not plan to sell our software without a minimum of services. Whether you have subscribed online or with an advisor, a grip is systematically proposed in the month following your purchase, depending on your availability.

At the end of the handling, your advisor makes an overview with you to ensure that you master the basics of the software. Some of our software is more complex and requires training. It will be offered to you and integrated into your user program.

After the purchase, a personalized customer follow-up

We like our customers to be satisfied and make the best use of our products. Once a year a minimum, we take your news to know where you are your needs, your uses. If the person using our solution has changed we offer a new grip. We inform you of new products and offer you preferential customer conditions for your new acquisitions.

Customer service goes back your product expectations

You are at the heart of our product developments. After each handling, each contact, your suggestions are included in our suggestion box. Once or twice a year, when redesigning the software, we take your requests and see how we can meet them.

Some examples:

The creation of the Koreliz KUTCH (Highlighter) measurement software. Created in 2012, it was initially a simple quantity measurement software with location maps and exportable quantities. From the idea box came out other expectations, on quotes, on works.

In collaboration with some of our historical customers, we developed and validated with them the quote, added at the end of 2013, then the quantitative in mid-2014. many software are useful especially by the manufacturer content that we integrate. You are consulted for the choice of content added to Koreliz DESIGN (LOGIceram) or Koreliz OFFICE (LOGItram).