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Audit and accompaniment

Your project is unique. We offer a service and support to enhance it.

AUDIT: We focus mainly on your objectives, in order to respond with the solution that best suits your needs. What is your main objective (recruiting new customers, transforming your sales, communicating …). Which audience is targeted (informed consumer, beginner, professional, both …). In what circumstances, from what material do you want to start this consumer experience. What is the scope of the project, its planning, its ambitions.

ACCOMPANYING: a dedicated project manager follows you throughout the project. You follow the defined steps, you transmit us your data and you validate the intermediate phases, until the final project, put in situation.

TRAINING: KORELIZ is an approved training organization. We can advise you the most adapted training solution (e-learning, face-to-face training, exercise guide)

Customization & development

Your project looks like you. We adapt our solutions and we develop to meet your expectations. CUSTOMIZATION: We respond to all levels of customization desired.

GRAPHIC CHARTER: logo, typos, trends … we offer a setting in unique atmosphere.

PRODUCTS: your ranges can be integrated (references, designations, characteristics, visuals). FEATURES: you can integrate the functionalities that suit you (furniture design, floor installation, wall …)

EDITION: you can ask us the edition that suits you (headings of the projects with connection, quantitative, estimate …)

DEVELOPMENT: Do you want to add a function that is not in any KORELIZ solution? Ask us for a personalized quote. Since the age of 25, we have been assisting building and trade professionals in their specific needs.

Course & integration

Your project has one or more possible dimensions: B2B, B2C, B2B2C, cross channel … we are here to help you simplify all that.

COURSE: all our solutions are compatible, which makes all courses possible. In addition, a number of customer journeys have been explored and developed as standard, which makes it possible to go faster.

The customer journey is an arduous data cross channel. We are here to help you express your need, and set up the course that meets them, but also provide the data that is useful for tomorrow’s courses. So you can easily evolve your course and your solutions without having to develop everything.

INTEGRATION: among users it is often a crucial element for the success of an application. Whether for the integration of your customer database, or for integration with your management tools, we are able to offer you APIs or data exchange systems tailored to your problems.